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The Center for
Computationally Advanced Statistical Techniques,
A Better Window on the Future®


Practical, Innovative solutions to financial, economic, and computational problems

The Center for Computationally Advanced Statistical Techniques (c4cast®) offers an extensive collection of proprietary tools, forecasts, and computationally advanced statistical techniques for financial and economic analysis.  In addition, we provide computer software and databases for economic, financial, and business forecasting, as well as information, data compilation, mathematical data compilation, and algorithms in the field of economic and business forecasting. Whether developing your business models or understanding financial and economic trends,® professionals may help.  Our consulting and development teams include financial experts, statisticians, computer scientists, economists, and econometricians who bring extraordinary academic and real-world experience to provide solutions to your specific needs.

We provide economic and business forecasting as well as custom research.  Our team provides business and market research surveys, provides analysis, compiles statistical information and data, and compiles mathematical data and algorithms.

c4cast has been committed to innovation and problem-solving since 1999.  Today, c4cast continues its tradition of excellence and creativity. We continually develop, test, patent, and implement new solutions for the complex problems of the modern world., Inc. holds numerous patents and is the creator of MacroRisk Analytics, The Economy Matters Reports, and other tools and services.

C4cast APIs are available for licensing our content which can include The Economy Matters(R) reports, scenario tools for what-if analysis and forecasting, economic analysis via our eta(r) profile, etc.
Our team consists of both academics and professionals. You can explore our academic research by clicking here, and delve into our blog posts about the economy and our tools by visiting this page.

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