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PATENTS AND TRADEMARKS, Inc. has an extensive intellectual property portfolio comprised of hundreds of domain names, a wide range of registered trademarks, and a number of patents, with additional patents pending.


In the course of various development projects,, Inc. has developed and patented many innovative ways to collect, analyze, and display a variety of data. Many of these patented technologies are available for licensing for use in third party products and services. Follow the links below to learn more about the patents in c4cast's portfolio.

Trademarks, Inc. is diligent in protecting our trademarks and servicemarks by registering them with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. There are currently 28 trademarks registered to c4cast relating to our company name, services, and concepts. Key registered trademarks include:

  • c4cast®


  • Eta®

  • The Economy Matters®

  • A Better Window on the Future®

  • WebInsight®

  • TrueSector®

  • cBucks®

  • Investment Tools for a Changing Economy®

Domain Names

Of, Inc's hundreds of domain names, many are regularly used in conjunction with its products and services, others are currently being developed, and some are available for future use or for purchase by interested parties.

Startup Development Team
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